April 30, 2009

Getting Started

So, here I am, writing about myself, and here you are, reading about me. I hope you come back. I hope I give you a reason to come back! I started this blog as sort of an accountablity thing. Also for getting my name out there, and several other reasons. I think if I say on here that I will do something, not only is in writing, but now I have some people who know I said it. The thought is that you knowing, will motivate me into doing.

I learned to sew growing up, and refused to use my sewing knowlegde unless absolutely necessary. Then I got married and had a child. Wow. When they say children change things, you never realise how far reaching that change can be. I started sewing my daughter's clothes really quickly, then my own, and I've even made my hubby a few things. Then child # two came along. At that point I knew I wanted to do something more productive with my hobby, and I knew I didn't really like most of the toys available, even the handmade ones I found. So, I thought I'd start making some. My biggest worry is safety. Especially with toys, and the car. I try not to be obsessive about it, but I'm pretty sure I am. This morning I was getting some toys out of the attic and I hesitated with a really cute ring stacker that's a heavy plastic. My first thought was, if someone gets hit with that, whether by accident or on purpose, that's really going to hurt!

And so, item # 1 will be a cloth ring stacker. I've already decided to use already made patterns as much as possible, just for convience's sake. So, this shouldn't take to long to get together. It'll be out of a more "boy" fabric, since I'll be thinking of my little boy when I'm making it. So, I'm getting started. And I'm really excited about that. Happy Thoughts!

Looking for stuff about the kiddos and such?

I've moved already! I know, I said it would be in a week or so, but it was really easy to do, and I had the time...so I did it. go to blubutterfly818.blogspot.com that's where all the old posts and new ones about the family and crafts will be from now on. I know, I'm a pain. But come back here too! I'll be posting about more business minded stuff, but you might still enjoy it. Happy Thoughts!