July 18, 2009

A month since my last post...

I've been away more from being busy and not having the time to post than a lack of inspiration. I still have a hard time remembering to take pictures of the projects I've been working on. One that I worked on, I remembered to take a few pictures, however, most things, I get done and I think,
"Aww, man, I should have taken pictures!" Such a dilemma. The other dilemma?

Interruptions. Such as this post. I started it on the 18th, and now it's the 19th. I got interrupted, wasn't able to get back on the computer until this morning. And I'm going to have to get off again, probably very soon.
Something has to be done, because I'll never get where I want to unless I lay down some firm rules. But how can I explain to the dogs that when I get up @ 5, it's not so I can play with them, feed them, or take them for a walk, so they need to leave me alone?! In the evenings, the Hubby hovers over me until I get too frustrated to type...he keeps saying we need a laptop...he's right. I'm whining, aren't I? I am sorry, just at a loss for what to do. I've discovered that it's not safe for my house, animals or my children to get on the computer when the children are awake...soap flood in the bathroom, a nearly shaved dog, and once the 4 yr old tried to change the 6 mo old's diaper. These are the incidents that I remember most.
So, how do you work at home, take care of children and spouse, as well as a house, without neglecting any of them? Or neglecting yourself? Hhhmmm. Finding time, or making time for everything...that is the big dilemma for us all, isn't it? Taking care of ourselves without neglecting someone/something else. Taking care of everyone/everything without neglecting ourselves. I'm absolutely positive that it's possible, but how?
I think I may have thrown to many changes at one time at my 4 yr old. She had me to herself until her brother was born, truthfully, she doesn't seem to mind sharing me with him. Actually, I think in her mind, she's sharing him with me. However, the problem seems to be the home business. If I sit down to sew, or work on the computer, she's off and up to no good. I've been talking to her about my expectations before I work and also spending time with her before I work, but this has only made a small difference. She gets punished for her wrong behavior, and sometimes I wonder if any attention is good enough for her. Perhaps I just need to stick it out. Stay strong, don't give up, persevere until she adjusts to the idea that Mommy is going to do other things.
My goal is to eventually outsource most of the housework. I want to start by sending out the laundry, then having dinner made and delivered(there's a place right around the corner that does meal planning and delivery) and then, the Holy Grail of all, a maid service. True, our house is a small three bedroom ranch, but the thought of having someone else come over once a week to dust, vacuum, empty the trash, clean the windows and mirrors...aahhh. I feel relaxed just thinking about it. That's an hour I can add to my day, in addition to the other two hours I get back from not having to do laundry or cook. Three whole hours...time to play with my sweeties...time to sew, load pictures, blog..oh!oh!oh!time to read! Time to take a long shower, dress, and do my hair without rushing! True, I will probably vacuum a few times a week, 2 dogs, a preschooler, and a baby necessitate that, but still it will be less for me to do. But the Hubby won't agree to any of that until I am consistently earning money(and a consistent amount)to cover these things. So for now I suppose I must do my best to do as much as possible. And don't think the Hubby doesn't help out-he does, he plays with the little sweeties, does the laundry, sweeps, mops and vacuums. Well, he's been banned from mopping, he doesn't rinse the mop. He would cook if I let him, and don't tell him, but he's a horrible cook. Bless his heart he tries so hard, I can't bare to tell him I dread hearing him say, "I'll fix it!" I have several funny, horrible tasting stories of his cooking attempts. Yesterday he tried to make a banana smoothie...two bananas and two cups of ice with some water...just a little runny. This morning he sipped a strawberry-watermelon smoothie I made him and probably wondered, "How did she know how much ice to add?" Oh, I love that man. Happy Thoughts!