November 24, 2010

Less than I wanted

I was really hoping to have $500 in products by now, but since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and the Bazaar is Saturday, I'm going to have to settle for what I've got.  These are some miscellanous things I've finished, and I have close to $350, which isn't bad, just not as much as I'd like.  Ah, well, we'll see what happens, won't we?

Happy Thoughts!

November 16, 2010

My new friends, The Mouse Family

I'm feel like I'm doing okay getting ready for this craft bazaar.  It's the day after Black Friday, so time is short.  For those of you that are local, it's at Southport High School.  My Mom and I will be in the cafeteria, Booth 1.  Oh, yes, it's called "That Something Special"  Arts & Crafts Fair.  8am to 3pm.  On to what I've just finished, The Mouse Family.  I made them because they remind of a mouse family my mom made for me when I was a little girl.  I let E hep me with them, mostly holding them while I stitched or braided something, but she felt very important.  Here they are with their portable Swiss cheese house
 Daddy, Mama & the kids.
 Found out you have to be careful, the babies are small enough to tumble out of the front window!
Happy Thoughts!

November 14, 2010

Lord Of The Rings Costumes

You are your own worst critic.

So true.  My mom has always been very critical of her work.  It used to get on my nerves, b/c her work is so amazing, why can't she see it?  And now, I understand.  When you start a project, you have a vision in your mind of what it will look like when it's finished. 
 And usually it's a vision of the perfect finished project.  Really, how often do we start out saying, "I'm going for mediocre here"?  So, once finished, we inspect our work, and no matter how wonderful it is, it rarely exactly matches up with the vision we started out with.  Which is why my mom would respond with a "Thank you, it's just not quite the way I wanted it."  She can see all the things that aren't the way she wanted it-whether or not anyone else can.  And now I'm the same way. 
If I had two or three months to work on these dresses I would maybe have ended up with exactly what I had envisioned.  However, I had a couple of weeks to make them.  They did turn out very nicely, however, I still wish I had had more time to tweak them.  It helps that the girls wearing them are beautiful.  And tall.  Obnoxiously so. 
Happy Thoughts!

November 11, 2010

Stuff for sale

I mentioned before that I've been working on sewing things for a Craft Bazaar, it's coming up soon, wait, shouldn't I be sitting at my desk, working?  Nevermind. Well, so you know I'm not just saying that, here's some finished product.  My favorite is, well, all of it.  Call me biased, but I like them all. 

Happy Thoughts!

November 9, 2010

Here's what I've been doing in my absence

Of course, as usual, I had every intention of updating, b/c there are plenty of people who would like to know what I'm doing.  However, I took on way to much and had to give up all sorts of time consuming(but unnecessary) things, like grocery shopping, cleaning, showering, blogging, etc.  It started out making stuff for school and a Bazaar happening the day after Black Friday. 

Then I added a Dorothy costume for one of E's friends, as well as E & A's Halloween costumes.  After that my little sister, The Nurse, set her wedding date for Oct 30, this year.  The Quilter took on making the 3 Bridesmaid dresses, and since I have a gathering foot, I took on making the 6(later changed to 4) Flowergirl tutus. 
That's alot to do, right?  Well then two girls that babysit for me asked me to make them Lord of the Rings dresses for Halloween.  In the midst of all this I added a serger to my arsenal, as well as a new/used sewing machine.  I did get the costumes(except for A's) and flower girl outfits finished on time, but it was a challenge.  A challenge I hope I never forget when accepting projects.  Have lots to get done for the Bazaar, and I still haven't given up my goal of a totally handmade Christmas, so we'll see how I do.