January 20, 2011

Demoliton Day!!

The Hubby & I moved into this house in the fall of 2003.  And I have wanted to take out the island from the first year we moved in.  However, it took until now to convince Hubby that this was a good idea.  As soon as he sort of agreed, I set a date and called in the troops.  Sorry the pictures are blurry, we were laughing quite a bit.
The Troops-The Quilter(right side) & S'up Girrl(left)
The Quilter immediately declared herself project manager due to carpel tunnel issues that prevented her of being any use otherwise.  She did bring the necessary tools, but I guess she didn't want to be called the
go-fer-girl.  Her hubby, The Deputy, loaded the vehicle and made sure she had safety glasses.
 First thing, I popped the counter top off-a few strong hits with the sledge hammer
 Then the project manager tried to use her cordless drill.  Thankfully, the union rep stepped in.
 This was sort of a (belated) birthday present for me, so they decorated the wall before knocking it down.  Or maybe no matter how old you get, coloring on the walls is always fun!
 My cake is bursting into flames, but she did put butterflies on it.  I also got a present, and I'm not sure if that says snort or short.
 SA-WING!  Must say, that was fun! 
 She's all ready and dressed appropriately with her jammies, boots and safety glasses-I mean, she is the union rep, after all.  Look closely, I tried to open my present, but no luck- union rep jokes that there must be to much tape on it.
 Project manager did a couple one arm swings, if you look, you can see that she did manage to dent the island.
 Then we loosened it from the floor
The Hubby wasn't really aware that this was going on, so they wrote him a note.
 And the best part of the demolition came when the project manager put her foot at the top of the island and pushed it over!  Yes, we were ridiculously happy about it!
 It was a quick and relatively easy job, even with clean up.  The union rep and I came up with possible responses from The Hubby when he came home to find that part of the house was missing.
 Going to have to play around with where to put the furniture.  We still have remodeling to do-new lighting, a functional island in the kitchen, lastly new floors.  However, this change gives me a great deal of satisfaction.
Happy Thoughts, Everyone!

January 14, 2011

Why did I decide to do this?

I had this great idea.  A recycling combined with using my stash o' stuff idea.  But well, it's turning out to be more difficult than I thought, and I have some actual, real work to do.  Can you see where this is going?  I'm trying hard not to shelf this, not to set it aside into the big heap of unfinished great ideas that pile to the ceiling around me.

Here's the idea.  A couple of years ago there was a wonderful white wool sweater in the hand-me-down bag for Eliz.  Unfortunately, it had been felted, and was very scratchy.  I set it aside, knowing that I could come up with a use for it.  I've used the sleeves to make cozies for the Thermic Bottles, and it got put back in the pile.  I few weeks ago I went to a party @ a friend's house and one of the other guests had this wonderful felted tree bottle cover/cozy that she had gotten, of course, from Etsy. I wanted one.  Badly. As I began cleaning out the sewing room, I found the sweater, and saw a butterfly needlepoint pattern from years ago that I knew I wanted to put on the sweater, and turn the sweater into a waterbottle cozy.  Problem is, felted wool is really not ideal for satin stitch.
 See, from far away, it doesn't look bad.
Really, even in this picture, it looks pretty good.  But it is not a good example of satin stitch.  I still love the idea, but as it's going to take longer than usual to get this done.  I've never used anything this thick to embroider on, but I'm convinced that the textural contrast of the wool and the (sort of) smoothness of the satin stitched butterflies will look beautiful.  Maybe it's just my love of butterflies that makes me think that.  I'm going to give this project a good deal of time for the next few days, maybe I can get to the point of no return, then I'll have to finish it. 

By the way, that whole cleaning out the sewing room thing?  Got it cleaned out, but getting it put back together has me stumped-now that I have room for things, where should they go?  I'll sit in my chair and work on my bottlewarmer while I figure that out. 

Happy Thoughts Everyone!

January 7, 2011

Last year, this year

My goals for this year are the same as my goals for last year.  That's because I gave up my goals for my business and personal life to gain some order in my home.  I really did spend the past year decluttering and reorganizing my house.  And now, it's done, except for my favorite room.  The sewing room.  I had sort of resigned myself that until I got some big project done, it was just going to be a cluttered mess.  But I've had an epiphany.  I have a fabric closet as well as a supply closet, I could take all the fabric I'm not going to use in the next few weeks and store them in the attic!  Yes, that was something i had never thought of!  Move stuff I'm not using to make room for stuff I am using!  It's so basic, I must be insane not to have thought it before!  I plan to start this tonight after the kids are in bed, and in a few days show you pictures of my beautiful, organised sewing room!  Be looking for it!  Happy Thoughts!