June 19, 2009

Sneaky Father's Day

I was sure Father's Day was next week, but no, it's this week. Last year I saw a gift idea that I really wanted to do, but it just didn't happen. So I did it this year, and I'm so excited! I'm pretty sure DH doesn't read this, so I'll tell you about it. I realised this morning that if I was going to do this, I had to get it done today, while DH was at work. For setup, I taped a navy blanket with masking tape, in the corner of the foyer. The foyer gets great morning light from about 9 to 11. I dressed one child up as Work Daddy, and one child up as Weekend Daddy. Instead of changing the camera settings, I decided to rely on Picasa and my editing skills to make them into great pictures. Good lighting and the little guy's nap time coincided, so just getting the pictures was the most important thing. Turns out, good lighting can really help-some pictures all I did was crop. I did have to accept some slightly blurry photos, but they aren't noticeably so. I wanted to show them from unedited to print; in an effort to hide all the evidence, I've deleted alot of the unedited photos, but you get the idea.

Here's a picture that was just cropped-

I wanted to be able to see the logo on the shirt, but he was fading fast. Again, all I did was crop the photo.

This next one is a good example of why you would want to invest in a tripod-

AACCKK!! I took five of these, and didn't realise until I saw them on the computer that four of them were crooked, like this one! Thankfully, one turned out well, and sometimes, that's all you need.

I sharpened this next one, and adjusted the color a bit.

My how dark it is! Used the light tool, and you can see on the one after this what a difference that made!

I only printed the three with titles, my mom has the frames, so we're all set. I just have to pick up the prints. Oh, and keep the little lady from spilling the beans between now and Sunday. Maybe it was a good thing I forgot until today;)

Now you see that it is possible to get good pictures in a hurry. True, I had been thinking about this for a week or so, but I threw it together in less than a half hour. The picture taking took maybe 15 minutes- I could have taken longer, but I didn't want to push my luck. There you go, Happy Father's Day and Happy Thoughts as well!

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