April 6, 2010

An Easter Dress

This year, E got to pick out her fabric and the pattern for her Easter dress.  I was impressed with her choice.
She wanted the pink dress, probably b/c the picture was pink.  I have yet to make her understand that I can make it in any color.  Unfortunately, the only pattern piece I had was the skirt.
I did, however, have all the pieces for this dress, which is about the same dress.  She kept saying she wanted the bunny in the picture.  I'm all for accessorizing, but not with live animals.

It was super easy to do, and thanks to my wonderful gathering foot, the skirt took maybe ten minutes to do.  The hardest part is figuring out what setting to have the foot on. 

I asked her to smile, and that's what she did for each picture.  Little booger.

Happy Thoughts!


  1. Cute little dress! You did a great job!

  2. Great dress and what a cutie patootie :0)