July 24, 2010

I hemmed a shark!

My neighbor, Jeff, is an entertainer.  He puts on educational shows for pre-school aged children.  His newest show is about Great White Sharks.    He bought some black fabric and with a little help from me turned it into an actual size shadow/outline of a Great White.  He had come to me at first about how to keep it from fraying.  I offered to hem it for him, however he had enough shows that it took awhile to get it to me.  I'll get a picture of it all rolled out and post it for you. This was by far the most indepth hem job I've ever had. Not even Gramma could top it. There was lots of fold, iron in place, fold, iron in place, sew in place, Pick really big piece of fabric up and turn. Find sewing machine, figure out where the heck the I left off.  If I forgot to gather the excess fabric up it pulled, and when I turned it, it didn't always end up where I thought it would.  If he asks me about an elephant I'm going to move.

  WOW.  They are BIG.  Like, really big.  My sewing room is 15X10, and it's not big enough to open the whole thing up!  22 feet long is very long.
Sorry I didn't take more pictures, it was a big black wad of fabric most of the time to make it easier to move 
around.  The tail fin is the width of my sewing desk!  As I was sewing, I kept looking at the size of this thing and finally came to the conculsion, I'm no longer comfortable with the idea of swimming the ocean.

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