December 17, 2010

Ice Wreath & Ornaments!

 I aged last week. By a whole year. Hubby bought me a bouqet; green roses, white daisies and pink carnations. E went with him and got rainbow carnations. I wasn't deligent about changeing the water, so they were fading fast. I wanted to find a way to make them last, but I didn't want to dry them or press them. Then I visited The Artful Parent and found the way to combine a winter activity and saving my birthday flowers!
The roses were to far gone to use, but most of the others were just right. 
 We used a bundt and jumbo cupcake pans, start with just a little bit of water.
 Put in the freezer for an hour or two
Add more water and a piece of ribbon or string to hang them with.

Put back into the freezer for a few more hours, then take them outside and hang them up!

1 comment:

  1. THESE are gorgeous!
    What a fantastic idea!
    What a fun memory, too, with the littler girls!