January 19, 2010

I've been stuck

Do you see the mess on the table?  And the fabric with the pattern piece on it?  this is where I've been all this time.  Trying to cut out a coat pattern.  A plaid coat pattern.  In beautiful wool.  But I've gotten stuck, b/c all I've been able to think about, is, what if I cut it wrong, and I can't get the plaid lines to match?  So, I've been doing all sorts of unnesscesary things. like, picking patterns to make outfits with. 

See this beautiful fabric?  There it sits, and there it stays.

Here we have the start of an adorable mouse family, that has the cutest house...but if you haven't noticed, they don't have ears.  Or faces.  And the bazillon kids I planned on making them are...not quite done, either.  I'm stuck here because I've been allowing myself to think, "No-one is going to buy them anyway."  Which may or may not be true. 

So, what's the solution?   Well, all I've come up with is to just start working.  I've written out goals for this year, and I've just now realised that I didn't make any for the etsy store, so that will have to be adjusted.  I sent those goals to my mom for accountablity, and once I add to them a bit, I'll post them here, for a little more accountablity.  Feel free to comment if I'm heading off course.  Happy Thoughts!

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