January 10, 2010

Why can't you plan a computer crash?

If you could plan a computer crash, you'd have a backup computer, ready and waiting, you would've gotten all your pictures and most important documents all together and backed up somehow. In short, it wouldn't be a big deal. But two weeks ago, when the computer got a virus, (thanks for nothing Mcaffe) and gave me the blue screen of death, it was a big deal.
In the words of Monty Python, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
I took it in to some guys down the road. They, even thought it was between Christmas and New Year's, got it taken care of in 6 days, which wasn't so bad to me. The Hubby would disagree, but we had lots of other toys to play with, and things around the house to fix, as well as a family birthday party for 7 at our house. Once we got the computer back, along with a disc of clean, safe documents and pictures the guys were able to save, we had to order an operating system, and Microsoft Office. We got Windows 7 OS, and it came within 3 days-Tiger Direct rocks!-but I'm still waiting on Microsoft Office to get here-just because the disclaimer says up to 2 weeks doesn't mean it should actually take 2 weeks! Now, I've been loading software, and hardware back onto the computer, and sorting pictures, and waiting to be able to open my documents and get some other work done. I have, however, gotten the sewing/playroom all but finished. It's so beautiful, I could stay in there forever. There are a set of shelves for myself, a set of pinboards for E and A's artwork to be hung, and a few things that would be better off with some paint. Oh, and I need to get a trashcan. It will be a few days, but I'll post pictures very soon, I can't wait to share this with you! Ah, well, Happy Thoughts!

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