January 24, 2010

Goals 2010

Here they are, my goals for this year.  I have the specifics saved on a much longer goal sheet, but I don't want you to stop reading midway, so I'm just giving you the important stuff.

In 2010 I Will:

Etsy Store

  1. List 3 new products each month

  2. Comment in forums 2-3 times a week

  3. Find my “niche”

  4. Use Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to promote my shop

Submit finished original project to sewmamasew(dot)com and whipup(dot)net

Submit finished project/ review to patternreview(dot)com

Submit tutorials to whip up and sew mama sew

Enter sewing contests-sew mama sew

Join sew along-pattern review

Use 50% of fabric that I already have before buying more

  1. Personal projects-plan to only use fabric I already have-otherwise, project can wait

  2. Leeandloren projects I can buy fabric, only if I plan to sew that same day

Earn enough to buy designer fabric, home décor fabric

  1. Be able to afford to buy fabric that’s $9 a yard!!! Ooohhh!!! Bliss!

Save to buy: Laptop, Office Pro, Serger, and Embroidery Machine

  1. Need a Laptop and Office,

  2. Would like a Serger and Embroidery machine

Happy Thoughts!

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