February 5, 2010

What wish I were vs what I am doing

No posting about fun crafts? 

No look what we made today posts in months. 


Because I've had seamstress type work coming in constantly.  I know I 'm lucky to have work, and I'm really not complaining.  Also, don't worry, we have been doing crafts, woo, daddy, have we ever!  

What I haven't been doing, is taking the time to write up posts about them.  Hope you are enjoying the pictures.  Right now, I am going 12 rounds with a very beautiful dance costume, and in between rounds, I'm getting my booty kicked by some of my own creations, trying to get things just right. 

I would rather spend my time working on my own stuff, but, right now, I have already agreed to altering these costumes, so until they are done, I will dream about my long list of what I want to do...
Happy Thoughts!

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