February 17, 2010

Valentine's Surprise

  Last year I told The Hubby that I wanted him to start making Mother's Day special for me. I told him I wanted him to "go out of his comfort zone" in making it special. So, he spent money (which is out of his comfort zone-possibly out of his orbit) and had a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent to me. I assumed that would become his usual for Mother's Day, and was fine with a once a year "special" gift. We haven't "done" Valentine's Day in years. In fact, I think the most we ever did was buy a card and go on a date, which we've always done regularly (except now that we have to find babysitters, which isn't always possible), so it wasn't anything different when we did go out. Well, imagine my surprise when I got flowers for Valentine's Day this year!

Aren't they beautiful?! They came on Friday, and I jumped up and down, to which his response was, "Did you forget?"
No, of course I didn't forget, I just didn't think I was going to get anything.

Then, I realized that though I had desperately wanted to enter this contestfor making a fabric Valentine card using a template, I hadn't come up with a good idea. But in those minutes, I had the perfect idea. I didn't just want to make a card, I wanted to be able to give it to The Hubby, and have him actually like it. My idea was to use a song The Hubby will play for me on occasion, the chorus is
'My love is alive, My heart is on fire'
My idea was to embroider the chorus with a flaming heart below the words. I also decided to do flames on the envelope. I have loved Sublime Stitching forever, but had never bought any of the patterns. To find out why, read this. I now had a very justifiable reason to buy some fun patterns. I used the tattoo alphabet, and the flaming heart is my own drawing. The large flame on the envelope is Diablo, from Sublime Stitching, the smaller ones are mine. I didn’t get it done in time to enter the contest, but he loved it, and I have to say, it was a really fun project. I’m considering making a few cards in advance for birthdays and such, I liked it that much. I’m not sure I would have done well in the contest, as it is very tailored to my guy’s tastes, and well, not everyone will go for a flaming Valentine. Happy Thoughts!

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