February 11, 2010

A fabric closet confession

I have way more fabric than I need.  What makes it okay is that I didn't buy most of it.  I mean it, and if you don't believe me, read this.  When my mom put my fabric up for me, she organized it by color.  But that's not how I do it, and I ended up turning the closet into a nightmare to get into-literally a hazardous area.  I had two options, post a "Warning: Falling Fabric Area" Sign or go through it and refold everything and do it my way.  Sorry, Mom, I just couldn't make it work. 

The only things that didn't fall out very quickly were stuffed in the very top of the closet or on the floor of the closet.
Just the table.  There was fabric on the floor, the sewing desk, and the thinking chair.

Can't tell a difference, ut check out the closet...
Aahh, so pretty!  If you're curious, they are in stacks by fabric type, and then by color, because, yes, I am that anal.  Altho, since seeing Employee of the Month, I prefer to be called Analle.
Spending close to two days doing this has inspired me to enter this contest.  Happy Thoughts!

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