October 17, 2009

The Great Fabric Clean Out of 09!

I have been feeling very overwhelmed. By the clutter. The clutter that comes from not having space. So my dear mother, Anal Retentive Control Freak #1(I may have mentioned that I'm #2, and I get her title when she dies)came over to help out. We went through fabric. Lots of fabric. I had fabric I had bought, and fabric I had inherited from-my sister the Quilter(had to make room for Quilt fabric) my Grandmother(unable to sew anymore) and my mom(more into scrapbooking) That makes for lots of fabric. Half of the fabric was stuffed in this box-it orginially had a front-facing car seat in it. If that gives you and idea how BIG this box is.

Here it is all sorted, folded and some of it bagged-not sure why she bagged it...

I know why she bagged these-behold, a 39 gallon bag of scrap fabric! No kidding, there were more strips of fabric than real yardage. Why do we keep all those remnants? Some of it was from the 70's(thanks, G-ma, and the 80's-thanks Mom)

Here is all my fabric in my new storage closet. This closet has always been more empty than full, and what was in it was supposed to be somewhere else. So why didn't I think to put things away in the right place so my fabric could have a home? Ignore the bottom of the closet, that is all the stuff for sewing some more cloth diapers, but there isn't a clear space near the sewing machine, so she was willing to leave it all there.

A close up. We just sorted by color, and put it up. She left the job of sorting by material type to me. Although she did comment that it was easy to tell my favorite color, and my favorite material. You can see the favorite color-the bottom shelf is all blue, plus two bags at the very top, however, you can't really tell the what kind of fabric, mostly sheers and knits. As strange as it is, this was a really fun activity for me. As I mentioned, I'm anal just like my Mommy, so I looked up fabric folding techniques, I had never seen this by Marilyn Bohn, or this by the domestic diva, but really liked them. I'm not going to empty the closet and refold everything, of course. Unless I can't sleep and it sounds fun at 3 am. I'll just refold as I get things out and put them back.

**A note-while Mom and I were sorting fabric, The Hubby and my Dad were working on the front room, aka the Stinky Room. They took down siding, put wiremesh over a small opening, put up some new insultaion board, put the siding back on, I'm getting tired just typing all this! So, I guess The Hubby didn't enjoy his Saturday quality time activity as much as I did. But the room is better, so Yippie! Happy Thoughts!

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