October 1, 2009

Glad to be back!!

Taking a break from posting was a good idea. While I was not posting, I was plotting. I was also crafting, and because of my plotting, I not only have pictures of my crafting/sewing/messing around, I have posts planned to go with them! Yay me, I set out to do something, and I've done it! My next goal is to post everyday this month. I plan on the posts being rather short, to make it easier for me to get into the habit. Hmm, as long winded as I can be, I wonder if my short version is actually a normal version, and my normal is long? Well, let me know if things are to long, short or just right. I'm working on a fresh look to go with the fresh start. I'm very excited about it, just waiting for a few things to come together. Keep an eye out for the changes! Happy Thoughts!

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