October 7, 2009

I loved my mailbox yesterday, but not today

I have a post about making a girl's dress pattern ready for you, but I'm going to take moment for myself today. You see, my sewing room is on hold, I've been cutting back on caffeine-that's actually sort of involuntary-now I've got a horrible caffeine headache, the pantry is out of several staple items; lunch today was cereal for E and grits for me. So this letter feels like a bit of a betrayal from my dear old mailbox-doesn't he know what's been going on here? What makes it mildly worse, the Hubby has been summoned to Jury Duty twice, both times the week of a national holiday. Seriously, the first time it was Thanksgiving, and last year it was Christmas. If you can be lucky about being called for Jury Duty, I think that's it. This is the second time I've been summoned, the last time I was the last person eliminated, so I was there all day, but didn't have to serve. In a few minutes, I won't mind at all, I'll be like, hey, take a book, I'll be fine. Right now, I'm thinking of everything else that's going on. Ugh. I'm going to drink a lot of Starbucks tomorrow. Pity Party Adjourned! Happy Thoughts!

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