October 5, 2009

It's all I can think about, focus on, work towards...

I mentioned that we've had a small problem with my sewing/crafting leaking into other areas of the house. Alright, not other areas, just the surfaces closest to my sewing machine/crafting desk. This is what our dining room looks like lately. We don't always have such a stylin' fort, but the girls felt it was necessary today, since it's so muddy outside. You can see a buffet table, a desk, Vera, and our table(sort of). What you can't see is under the table are the bags of fabric, interfacing, notions, and projects to be finished. You also can't see under the desk, where there are cutting mats, rolls of pattern paper, ironing boards, and of course, dust and dog hair. All of these things get used nearly daily or weekly. Obviously, not the most ideal work environment. Nor is it the best eating area. It's not really good for having kids around, either. After yet another dinner spent competing with needles and thread for space at the table, the Hubby agreed, we had to do something NOW. We had been throwing around the idea of putting the two children, E, aged 5, and A, aged 8 months, in the same room. E has been all about it since watching Nanny McPhee(such a fun movie, based on a great set of stories) The idea is that once the two are in one room, the extra room will become a playroom for myself and the kids.We talked it over all weekend long, pros, cons, what ifs, and finally made out a plan that we think will work. Now, I can't think about anything else. I mean it, as I sit here typing, I'm really thinking(no offense)about moving the desk in there while the Hubby is at work. He's already going to be surprised when he gets home, because this is what E's room looked like this morning-

And this is what it looks like now-

You might notice the sleeping child on the bed, I would have taken pictures of the to-be playroom, however, the other sleeping child doesn't sleep as soundly. There's painting to be done, curtains to be made, and so on, but just getting things moved in is what I really care about. This is what's motivating me-the thought that once the desk is moved in, along with everything else, the dining area will be just a dining area, and all the clutter will be gone. Aaahhh. Not to mention I've wanted a sewing room, not just a sewing area, for years. All other projects have been set aside until this one project gets done-just simply getting moved completely into the playroom. I'm very into this, and the Hubby is sort of into it. It's change, and he hates change, good or bad, and I love change. So, as I charge full speed ahead, he remains slow and steady. I will attempt to post about something else, but as I'm very excited, I'm not making any promises. Happy Thoughts!

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