October 10, 2009

I'm being eaten by patternpaper

Thursday E had a friend over all day; as it was raining, and all the toys are up in the attic(awaiting a dry and stink-less playroom), I had a crazy day corralling kids. I did write a post, I just now realised I never got around to posting it. Yesterday I got so into work, I just didn't think about getting on the computer.
My mom and I are doing two craft shows in November and possibly one in December. I'm so OCD, I feel like I'm already in the 11Th hour. I thought I would share with you some pictures of my Obsessive-Compulsive behavior, without really revealing what I'm making.

Yes, there's E's breakfast bowl sharing space with my pattern paper, I'm so generous with my work table, aka dining table.

Are you wondering what the plastic bags are all about?

Did I mention that I'm highly organised? Or, as my father and husband put it, anal retentive? Obsessive Compulsive. Annoying. Take your pick. I have a bunch of felt patterns to cut, so everything is put together by color of felt.

As you can see there are large bags and small bags. Pattern pieces are in small bags, sorted by color. Once cut, the felt and pattern piece go into a large bag to be sewn once all the pieces of that particular pattern are cut. I only do this for the felt quiet books and play food, just because there are so many pieces and I have a hard time telling if I'm running out of felt in a certain color. Speaking of which, the felt and patterns are calling me-kiddos are occupied, the Hubby is on his way home to play on the computer, I think I'll go play in the mountain of pattern paper I have out. Happy Thoughts!

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