October 8, 2009

I'm dreaming of a Sewing Room...

I'm beginning to think that the delay in setting up the playroom/sewing room is a good thing. At first, I was just thinking, get the stuff in there and be done with it. Then I stopped by my parents house, and went into my Mom's studio. When I was younger she just had a small area, and as I got older it became a room, until it blossomed(along with her business) into a full blown studio. To me, it's an extension of my mother, and her style of creativity. Neat and tidy, bursting at the seams with fun stuff to play with, it's painted in 'her' colors-it's my Mom. Which got me thinking about what I'd like my half of the room to be. I did some searching, and found some really inspiring pictures. I also noticed a trend; most rooms were either really sparse and bare, or very, very cluttered. I have also come to some conclusions about myself.
I don't work well in clutter. I need open space and lightening that makes it feel open
I'm inspired by color
I'm also inspired by nature
I like having music in the background
I need to be able to put things away-little hands can be dangerous, also some of my things can be dangerous for little hands

I saved some pictures, but as they are of other people's spaces, I'm not going to post them here. However, here are some ideas I'm going to "borrow"
1 One room had so many yarn ribbons, they looked like a waterfall of colors! Oh, makes me want to run out and buy pounds and pounds of it!
2 One woman used hanging baskets for her miscellaneous supplies,
I'm thinking yarn storage!
3 Clear glass jars with colorful things in it. I saw mostly buttons and ribbons,
but since I don't have a large collection of those I thought I'd use fabric flower petals
Purely for decoration, but oh so pretty!
4 ribbon spools on dowels under shelves. Also one woman
had her thread rack between 2 dowel rods, very nice
5 An idea board-decorated and pretty, of course

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