October 13, 2009

Apologies, Alexander had a staple in his knee

Well, when we found it, my sister(The Quilter) and I thought it was a flat head straight pin. But it was neither of those things. It turned out to be an embroidery needle-the eye of it, in fact. He's great, took him to the ER, they took an x-ray, pulled it out and now he's doing great, crawling everywhere just fine. They put him on an antibiotic, and he got his first tetanus @ his 6 month well child visit, so we're set. Sort of.

The whole ordeal has really stressed me out. In order to decompress I've been working like a slave. Which is good, I've gotten one pattern re-sized into three other sizes, and I'm pretty sure I have the kinks worked out of another one that's vexed me for a few weeks. Nothing like sitting in the ER trying to keep a baby still to get the grey matter into shape. If you'd like the whole story go to my personal blog. Happy Thoughts!

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