February 10, 2010

Snowstorm activities-colorful clothespins

I had meant to do this project with E awhile ago, but now I'm glad we hadn't done it yet.  In the playroom/sewingroom there's a clothesline from the window on one wall to the door on the other wall that I use to hang E's paintings up to dry.  My idea was to paint the clothespins I use when I hang the pictures up.  With all the winter white surrounding us, I really needed a colorful project. 

Supplies-Paint, paintbrushes, clothespins

My clothespins have a very definate spring feeling to them.

Look, I even did argyle!

We've been painting clopthespins since Monday.  To keep the paint from drying so fast, I put the paint trays into zippered bags. 

Now we need some pictures to hang up!

Happy Thoughts!

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