December 20, 2009

Found the camera, right where it should be

I didn't look on the shelf on the closet where the camera should be, because the case was on the counter. So I was sure the camera couldn't possibly be in the box, where it's supposed to be. I finally looked in the box the day before yesterday, and there it was. Waiting to get to work taking pictures of finished projects and cute kids. But I wasn't ready. The cute kid pictures got taken, of course, but I've been working on some Christmas orders instead of things for the shop. Also, I suddenly realised that I was out of time for Christmas gifts of my own. So, I have to again, think of priorities, and shift them around to meet some deadlines. I also still have not finished my winter coat. I did, however, find the perfect buttons. Still moving into the sewing/play room. Here are pictures of the in-process move-they are terrible-sorry-but I'm not going to retake them, because the room now looks worse.

The closet-adding shelves is what really made a difference for the whole room

I've got to get through those bags
A view of the cutting/project table and sewing desk. The hanging baskets need to be moved closer to the wall. I think I'm going to put in some corner shelves there as well.
The sewing desk with all it's wonderful shelves, inspiration board, and things that need to find a home
The playroom side of the room. In January we'll finish up this side of the room-there is still stuff to move in, as well.
Even in this in-between state, it's easily my favorite room in the house, and it's fast becoming E and A's. Well, A just wants to be wherever E is. Happy Thoughts!

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