December 15, 2009

I can't find the camera!

I was so excited to share pictures of my getting-moved-into sewing room/playroom, but we'll have to settle for the getting new floors pictures for now.

Child Labor-I would say baby labor, but he really just wandered around putting things in his mouth and getting them taken away.

More Child Labor-e was a very active, talkative participant in the whole new-flooring event. Our contractor, my father, was really great about it.

Halfway there!

L's favorite part of it all; the 100-lb roller to push the laminate into the concrete and glue


We put in shelves, moved the big furniture back in, and I've even been sewing in there, although I'm still moving slowly into the area. One of the reasons for the floors is that the carpet in our house is in truly terrible shape, and L's accident with the embroidery needle in his knee. Not only can you hear pins and needles hit the floor, but they are much easier to find.
I'm on the last sewing step of my custom order, it's a tent, so once the sewing is done, you drill holes in the pvc, put ribbon through the holes to tie the poles together, then you are done. I had thought this morning that once that was done I could do some personal sewing, but I have some things to finish up for the Etsy shop, and I have another custom order, this one for a Dorthy Wizard of Oz dress. Plenty of work to do, and I'm glad-not many people fall into a steady work at home job doing something they love. Happy Thoughts!

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