December 10, 2009

The panic of the first Etsy sale

Something happened yesterday that made me sit down and list my priorities. At 6am, I listed this-

Travel Set, Fabric Paper Dolls

It's so much fun! My sister, the non-blogging half of LeeandLoren, made it. You've heard of her before, she's also known as The Quilter. After listing this, I made some some updates, worked on the polices and such, logged off. It was 7:10, and I realised I had forgotten to change some info, so I logged back on. I couldn't find the Travel Set. It wasn't listed as inactive, featured, I was starting to worry when I saw the note at the top of the page-

"Please leave feedback for Your transaction"

What? I hadn't bought anything! Then I looked closer-HOLY COW! The Travel Set had sold!


I went into panic mode, I have to get to the post office, I have to call The Quilter, wait, do I have the postage amount correct? Where the heck was this going, anyway? I checked, and the first sale of Leeandloren.etsy is going to New South Wales, Australia. Momentary pause in panic-huh, not what I expected. Resume panic-Oh, no, I don't have any packages! I was waiting to stock up, because everything I've read says you don't get your first sale for at least 4-6 weeks. I was supposed to have more time, I'm still working out the store polices for crying out loud! During this, The Hubby had gotten up, the children had wanted to eat, change clothes, play in traffic, climb the walls, and so on. Which I didn't really notice, I was to busy panicing.
And then I stopped, logged off, and said, "Whoa."
During the time that I've been preparing to open the Etsy store, I've battled keeping the right priorities. It's not fair to my family to immerse myself in business and neglect them-especially since this is supposed to be for their good. Little extra money, all my fabric gets used, kids get all sorts of toys to play with(they're my prototype testers)etc.
Big breath, let's write it out-family first, then house, then business.
The Hubby being home makes that kind of hard, because he's a computer hog. You will not hear the end of that until I have a laptop with a wireless connection. The Hubby is going back to work next week. For this week, I'll get on the computer first thing in the morning, and get it out of the way; but next week we'll be attempting to go back to our old routine. I'll worry about how difficult that's going to be later. If I follow the list of priorities, I won't be on the computer until close to 10 am. This worried me at first, I want to get really good feedback of course, responds quickly and so on. But I reminded myself that as long as I checked twice a day, I would catch orders within a few hours of them being placed. I still have to get the rest of my To-Do list finished, which is just as overwhelming now as it was 3 months ago, but I just won't think about that.
Happy Thoughts!

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