May 4, 2009

Cutting and sewing, sewing and cutting

Well, I found out that I only need 1 yard of fabric to make the ring stacker. So, I'll be able to make two with the same fabric, and that's nice. I used two different fabrics, one print, one solid, and I have ribbon to add some cute little details. Now I have to sew it together, and remember to add the cute little details-that's the hard part.

I picked the fabric thinking of Lex, and my favorite color combination is blue and brown, so this is what I came home with. I hope to post a picture of the completed stacker by Thursday-Eliz's cousin is coming over to play tomorrow, so I don't know how much I'll get done, but Wednesday we don't have anything going on, so I think Thursday is a reasonable goal. We'll see. Happy Thoughts!

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  1. Hi Peggy :) I've seen those wrappings online & we're off to Tokyo next month so - I'll *have* to try it out! Thanks for a great idea :)