May 12, 2009

A random moment of creativity won me a shirt! Woo-Hoo!

Not just any shirt. My favorite shirt from Layers!! Layers shirts are my favorite shirts, altho I don't shop often, I go to Layers first for shirts. I wore fitted Layers shirts to the day before I delivered my little guy; I wear that same shirt now-it's not even slightly stretched out. Layers just recently joined blogger, facebook, myspace and twitter. A couple of Friday's ago they started a Friday giveaway-comment on the giveaway post-twice if you're a facebook fan-and they choose someone at random to get the shirt. It's my personal feeling(they don't say anything about this)but once you win, you shouldn't enter any more-it's not fair to other people. So I didn't enter the first drawing, b/c I have a favorite shirt. And this past Friday, my favorite shirt, the Bianca, was the giveaway. As I went to post a comment, I had a song stuck in my head-"art"-I think I've mentioned it. Anyway, the line was "art, art I want you, art, art, you make it really hard not to" The song is about creativity, sharing the things you create, and a couple of rhymes about Layers came to mind, to the tune of the song. I started to type them in, and realised, these need to be arranged as a poem! It took maybe five minutes, and it was cute, so I posted it, then my facebook comment-"yay facebook fans!" I thought it would be funny if the random drawing choose my facebook comment, but, yesterday when I logged onto facebook, I saw an update from Layers-and there was my poem! I freaked. Yes, I turned into a screaming, jumping 13-year old. I logged onto layers blog, and sure enough, they had chosen my poem, and noted that from there on out, they would be using a website to choose the winner. But what a wonderful surprise! I feel slightly guilty, b/c I didn't do it to give myself an extra chance at winning, and it was really easy to write. But not so guilty that I will give up a new shirt. Oh, in case you were wondering about the poem, here it is-

Layers, Layers,
without you,what would I do?

From London to France
all would see my underpants,

You help me fudge about my pudge

From OMG BABY! to Delivery,
would you believe, you're all I need

Even better than a designer shoe,
Layers, Layers, I love you!

I don't know if I'll get to post again today, but if not, first thing tomorrow! Happy Thoughts!

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