May 6, 2009

I thought my expectations were reasonable...

Then I looked at the calendar. We have something time consuming happening everyday. And I'm so excited to get this sewn! I've got to sit down and set a time to sew everyday, because this is just driving me crazy! I've put all my projects in sewing order, a few easy ones to start, then harder and harder, and of course, the most exciting projects are at the end! So, it's really important to get started! I'm to anal to just jump ahead and sew something else, I've stated(at least to myself) a specific order, and now I feel obligated to stick to it. I am so OCD. Only someone as crazy about oganization as I am would care. Or write about it. What I'm trying to say is the stacker is still sitting on my sewing desk, waiting to be stiched together. So, my new date to have it finished, considering the things that are going on that unfortunately take presidence, is Monday. On a different creative note, I got outside after the rain stopped and kids were in bed, and took some pictures of my flowers. I'm still learning how to work with this camera, but here's a few shots. I tried out some different effects when I was editing them, I hope it comes out.

My beloved peony-lots of blooms on both plants, which is very exciting, since I didn't think they were going to bloom at all!

Here's my bearded iris-

Well, I'm exhausted. Happy Thoughts!

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  1. i should have been commenting much earlier on, as i've been reading your blog for a while! anyway, love the pics - especially the first one. that would look so cool blown up & framed. nice work! can't wait to see the sewing projects underway.....