March 3, 2010

How ya like me pillows?

We've discovered that the laminate floors are very cold to sit on.  I'm sure come summertime, we'll enjoy that; however, right now we need something to sit on. 

So, using the leftovers from the pinboards and book slings I made some pillows.  And, since no one has stepped up to clean the mess under table, I did it myself by using the fabric under the table to stuff the pillows with. 

Check that out! In that huge stash of fabric I had matching colors for the back of the pillows.  The pinboard scraps were 6 inch wide strips that were about a yard long.  I cut them in half width wise and sewed them together on one of the long sides.  It was interesting to find that the matching solid fabric was also in strips, so I did the same thing with them.  The final sewing step was putting the solid and dotted pieces right sides together and sewing on three sides.  After stuffing, I used a long running stitch to close each pillow, the thought being that will make it easier to get the fabric out.  I was thinking that once each pillow is empty of fabric, I'll fill it with stuffing.

However, I don't think I'll run out of fabric stuffing anytime soon.

I'm back to waiting for someone to come and clean up the fabric under my cutting table. 
Anyone?  Anyone?
Happy Thoughts!

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