March 6, 2010

We built a Sewing Table!

I don't mean the Quilter and I went to the store and bought a kit, I mean we had wood and 2X4's and drills and screws.  Pre-hole drilling going on here people.  Oh yeah, we worked hard.  Since I was to busy laughing and taking pictures of her, she had to use her leg to brace the wood and keep it in the right place.
Look!  Chick with drill! COOL!
We did measure and estimate, mark and check things.  It was actually rather mentally taxing.  For a sewing table to be the correct hieght, you have to factor in your correct chair hieght, and how high your sewing machine is.  This way you are niether hunched over nor stretching as you sew.  We had to measure and cut the wood for the back legs, and the store bought "pretty" legs for the front.
We're not perfect
And really, being done right is open to interpretation, isn't it?
Using both legs as braces, my what a multi-tasker!
Dad came upstairs and explained how things should be done.  He was downstairs installing a door and wall panelling.  See, we don't need someone to teach us how to do this stuff, it's in our DNA.
We put the legs on
Dad laughed at us.  His exact words were, "You guys"
It's stands!  It's even!  And it will never ever leave this room!
It's also the perfect hieght!
Okay, we did make a two mistakes at the very end.  We split one piece of wood.
And we used a screw that was to long in one place.  It was stripped, so it will require some elbow grease to remove.  My nephew counted and informed us that we stripped all 13 screws(he was only looking on one side, though)I pointed out that only one had to be removed.
According to the Quilter, this is my evil grin.  I had a wonderful time making fun of  her.  When she complained to our father about it, he told her we were both in the same group.
If I help her put the cover on it, I'll add those pictures. 

Happy Thoughts!

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