March 16, 2010

The playroom is finished!

Ta-Da! The kids have been playing in here since we moved the dressup cabinet in, so it's been done as far they are concerned. This has been one of the biggest DIY project's I've ever undertaken, but very satisfying.
Okay, so I suppose a window treatment is needed.  This is where A's  toys go, right now the rotation is on Little People toys.
Ahh, the lovely pinboards!  I tried to use magnetic paint, however, the magnets just did not stay on.  I didn't realise the mirror was so dirty! 
The book slings and pillows!!
And a dog sleeping in my thinking chair.  That's happened to me too.
Everything was so fun to make, and we get compilments on them all.  The bookslings are from Apartment Therapy; there's a tutorial, or you may still be able to buy them on etsy. 
I couldn't say what my favorite part is.  It came together just as I saw it in my mind, so I suppose that's the best of all.
Happy Thoughts!


  1. Love your book sling!! Very cool. The room looks like a great place to play and read. :) I'm visiting from Kimba's party. I hope you'll stop by. Here's my link from the party:

  2. I love it! Looks like a room that will be well-used and serve its purpose every single day. Love it!