March 12, 2010

Kitchen Window make over

My kitchen window needed help.  Well, honestly, other than the sewing/playroom, the entire house needs help, but we'll talk about that some other time.  I have a plan, and I've been thrifting for the last few months with my "Home Therapy" plan in mind.  Today I did some work for week one- the Kitchen.  In case you're wondering, I'm referencing Apartment Therapy

The container for the basil was half the size of the pot it came in, so we had to divide it.  The leftovers will go on E's windowsill, then eventually into the front garden.  I'd like to get my hands on some lavendar for the kids' room.  Breathe deep just before you get in bed, kids!
She said she was cleaning, not playing.  I'm not so sure.  For the last few years I've tried to have herbs in my veggie garden, but somehow, The Hubby has managed to kill them, with the weedwacker, weed killer or the lawn mower.  So I have given up on outdoor herbs. 
I didn't think to take pictures of my items before putting them to use.  All the containers are thrifted.  The cobalt blue/olive green is going to be the color theme for most of the house, since most of the house is connected-big open floor plan.
Pretty floating candles-I'm going to have to remeber to empty the water out when the candles aren't lit.
Happy Thoughts!

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